Oil Cooler Gunmetal Header Kit 1 1/2" BSP - 770122

Gunmetal Header Kit - 2500 Series

£380.00 £456.00 (inc. VAT)
A replacement set of headers for all three-pass oil coolers in our 2500 series with 1 1/2" BSP connections.

The material is Gunmetal, so it is suitable for sea water cooled models including;
Model Cooler Part Number
2514H 820541H
2524H 820542H
2534H 820543H
2544H 820544H
2554H 820545H
2564H 820546H
2574H 820547H
2584H 820548H
2594H 820549H

Note: Seals are not included, but Seal Kits can be purchased separately. To fit this header kit you need seal kit 409511 (Nitrile) or 409521 (Viton)